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“The 6-4-18 Series is Back at Medtrade Spring” March 2015
“Audit Power Panel at Medtrade Spring Will Help Providers Manage the Miseries” February 2015
“Portable Oxygen: Prior-to-Delivery Requirements” – Identify potential porblems at the source January 2015
“ECS Billing Updates Accreditation” November 2014
“Additional Documentation Requirements” – Stay aware of medical coverage changes and what written proof you need upon request July 2014
“Eradicating PECOS Mistakes” – Assist physicians with their enrollment to provide payments rather than denials February 2014
“Knowledge is Power” – If you know what you’re dealing with, you can avoid or reverse K0858 denials December 2013
“Follow These Tips to Prevent the Problem of Insufficient Paperwork in the HME Industry” – Work ahead to request, receive and review documents December 2013

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