Making the decision to outsource your company’s billing functions is not an easy one.

The entire cash flow of your organization depends on the partner you choose.  The members of the HHG  understand this completely.  We, at HHG, take the trust which our clients put in us seriously.  When you sign on to HHG’s billing services, you have a group of individuals who take ownership of their jobs.  Getting your claims worked to completion is their top priority and your team is held accountable for their responsibilities.   Outsourcing your billing functions allow you to focus on growing your business.

Communication, professionalism and respect are important aspects in our relationship.  A true partnership is one where each partner has a vested interest in the success of the other.

We are that vested partner and our clients understand that we are stronger together than apart.  HHG provides a true team effort in pursuit of common goals:  increased collections, improved processes and reduction in wasteful practices.

Contact us today to see how Heritage Healthcare Group can assist you in moving into a better tomorrow.