ECS North not only provides outsourced billing solutions, but we deliver services which support the reimbursement cycle.  Staffing is a problem in the healthcare industry.  Finding people with the experience and knowledge to perform the tasks in the revenue cycle process is difficult.  ECS takes on that responsibility for you.  By contracting with ECS North, you are relieved of the human resource headaches associated with your billing functions.   We are your partner to make your company run smoothly.

Medical Documentation Retrieval –Certificates of Medical Necessity (CMNs) and Detailed Written Orders (DWOs)
Documentation Quality Assurance – documentation review for compliance
Patient Collections Management – providing the link between insurance billing and patient communication regarding balances due 
Fee Schedule Analysis – updating payer fee schedules to increase accuracy in payment application
Billing Software Setup Assessment – review the data points in Client’s billing software to improve system performance
Medical Documentation Review – medical chart assessment for compliance requirements prior to sending to payers